10 Most Expensive Haircuts In The World

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The most expensive haircut and hairstyle in the world are worth 500 million dollars! Here are 10 of the most expensive haircuts in the world.

Jennifer Lopez—$750
Jennifer Lopez’s hairstyle demands are exclusively entrusted to the able hands of world-renowned hairstylist Oribe.

Jennifer Aniston—$920
Next on this list is Jennifer Aniston. Ever since her days of starring on ‘Friends' as Racheal, Jennifer Aniston has been famous for her luxurious brown locks. The sitcom made its six lead stars not only famous but rich as well, but Jennifer went on being really popular with her ageless look, thanks to her $600 per service haircut from stylist Chris McMillan, who actually created ‘The Rachel’ for her.

Rihanna— $2,000
Rihanna's ever-changing hairstyles have become her signature, so she definitely gets a spot for the most expensive hairstyle due to the frequency of the hair services she requires from celebrity hairstylist, Ursula Stephen.

Michael Douglas - $6,000
In 1969, a man was paid $1,000 to cut a then 24-year-old Michael Douglas' hair, but Douglas didn't foot the bill. The actor, who in that pre–Gordon Gekko days was still just Kirk Douglas' son

David Beckham—$6,000
David Beckham may be a football legend, but these days it seems he’s traded his soccer star label for a new title, the style icon. There’s no denying that Beckham has become one of the most fashionable gents around, and his hairstyle has been an inspiration to many other men.

Beverley Lateo of Pisa— $16,000
When we are talking about one of the most expensive hairstyles in the world, this haircut must definitely be on the list. This expensive hairstyle cost $16,000 and was made by Stuart Phillips at the Stuart Philips Salon in Covent Garden, London UK in 2007.

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah - $31,000
The Sultan of Brunei’s favorite hairdresser is Ken Modestou of the salon at Dorchester Hotel in London. While some could buy a brand new car for $31,000, the royalty pays that amount to his favorite hairdresser just to get his hair trimmed.

John Paul Dejoria - $40,000
In January 2005, John Paul Dejoria, a haircare guru himself and Founder-cum-Director of Hair Styling System Company John Paul Mitchell Systems had his trademark ponytail cut off at a hefty price of $40,000!

Anne Hathaway—$8 million
And the award for the most expensive celebrity hairstyle goes to Anne Hathaway for her pixie haircut for the 2012 film Les Miserables.

Laurence Graff— $500 million
Laurence Graff, to mark his 60th year as a diamond jeweler, recreated an iconic hairstyle. Known as “Hair & Jewel,” Graff in 1970 unveiled a photo of a model wearing an ornate coiffure decorated with $1 million of diamonds and precious gems which shocked the world back then. The photo received international attention and became a landmark promotion for Graff Diamonds, founded only 10 years earlier.
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