10 Things I'd Never Done Before I Came to the US | German Girl in America

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0:00 Intro
0:51 1. Water filters
3:07 2. Tampons
4:06 3. VPN
6:08 4. Checks
9:55 5. Drive-thru ATM
11:03 6. Hole in the wall
12:03 7. Shooting
16:01 8. Turn right on red
16:50 9. Disposable dishes
18:06 10. Store hours
19:15 Outro
ABOUT ME: Hallo, Servus, and welcome to my channel! My name is Felicia (Feli), I'm 27, and I'm a German living in the USA! I was born and raised in Munich, Germany but have been living in Cincinnati, Ohio off and on since 2016. I first came here for an exchange semester during my undergrad at LMU Munich, then I returned for an internship, and then I got my master's degree in Cincinnati. I was lucky enough to win the Green Card lottery and have been a permanent resident since 2019! In my videos, I talk about cultural differences between America and Germany, things I like and dislike about living here, and other experiences that I have made during my time in the States. Let me know what YOU would like to hear about in the comments below. DANKE :)
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