23 NEW CARS!! - 100+ NEW CAR TRIMS!! - NEW MOTEL?! - Greenville Wisconsin Roblox

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Today we go over the new update that includes 23 new cars and 100+ car trims as well as a new motel!! (changelogs below).


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Changelogs :

+ Added a new Motel! (Located behind spawn area) This includes multiple room types as well as functioning A/C units in each of the rooms
+ Added a new car locking system! Theres a button on the left side of the screen (PC) for locking/unlocking individual seats in your car! This includes the feature of ejecting people out of seats, as well as it allows the driver seat to be unlocked as well
+ Added a new Emergency Brake Light Display system on Euro spec cars in game (such as the 2022 Elysion Metro, 2020 BKM Regen Touring and more) this rapidly flashes the brake lights to alert other drivers of immediate braking, as well as hazard activation in certain situations
+ Added a new rendering backend, this improves FPS specifically for mid tier - top tier computers, as well as Xbox users
+ Added wind noises to cars
+ Added cruise control button on mobile devices
+ Added a low fuel chime that plays repeatedly to remind you to fuel up while being low on gas
+ Added a Blind Spot Monitoring system to equipped cars IRL, an icon pops up to whichever side a car is coming up behind you in your "blindspot"
+ Added that you must be outside of your car to fuel up
+ Added autolights are now the first option of lights if equipped
+ Added a new department building (Metro police station) (Near Visitors) this includes a new team for the Law Enforcement gamepass, as well as new cars to follow the new department
+ Added a new ELS GUI to Emergency vehicles.
+ Added a new Affordable filter, this is automatically enabled inside the dealer if you own no cars (mostly starting out players)
+ Added 23 new cars! (100+ new individual cars/trims added!)
- 1964 Chryslus Jetstream
- 1999 Newcar Falcata
- 2001 Falcon Prime Eques P71 Metro
- 2006 Falcon Aquarius
- 2007 Jupiter Orbit
- 2009 Jupiter Inspire
- 2009 Vellfire Prima
- 2012 Century Aquila
- 2012 Mazuku Sankakkei
- 2012 Tuscani Euphoria
- 2013 Falcon Scavenger Metro
- 2015 Century Aquila
- 2015 Chevlon Captious
- 2015 Falcon Interceptor Sedan Metro
- 2015 Tuscani Euphoria
- 2016 Viking Torslanda Sedan
- 2016 Viking Torslanda Wagon
- 2017 Falcon Advance+ SWAT
- 2020 BKM Regen Touring
- 2021 BKM Donner
- 2021 Elysion Slick Hatchback
- 2021 Falcon Advance+
- 2021 Takeo Experience
- 1987 BullHorn Canaveral
- 2000 Falcon Aquarius
- 2003 Chevlon Venice
- 2006 Vellfire Prima
- 2007 Wolfsburg Charge/Bunny/Pitch
- 2008 Mazuku Sankakkei
- 2013 Chevlon Antelope
- 2015 N3XT Reina Sport
- 2017 Falcon Advance+
- 2017 Falcon Advance+ Ambulance
- 2017 Falcon Advance+ Fire Rescue
- 2017 Falcon Advance+ WSP
- 2019 Vellfire Prima Cross
- 2020 BKM Munich
- 2020 Chevlon Camion Sheriff
- 2021 Falcon Scavenger
- 2021 Falcon Scavenger Fire Rescue
- 2021 Falcon Scavenger Sheriff
- 2021 Falcon Scavenger WSP
- 2021 Overland Buckaroo
- 2021 Overland Combatant
- 2022 Sumo Asight
- 2022 Wolfsburg Albuquerque
- 2023 Celestial Type-1
- In total 48 cars updated/added! (a lot of trims) (yes, literally more than last update, yet again)

0:00 New Cars (Dealer)
7:26 New Motel
8:53 Testing Out New Cars
14:48 New Metrol Police Station

PC Specs:
CPU: Intel I7-8700
GPU: RTX 2080 8gb
SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 500GB

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