Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time - Gems Compilation (Part 1) (Rude Awakening, N.Sanity Peak)

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Hey guys! In this video I start playing the newly released Crash Bandicoot 4! So far I am very much enjoying this game, great nostalgia for the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy but with some new twists and updated graphics to boot.

In this series I will be trying to get every gem in Crash Bandicoot 4. As some gems you get by getting a certain amount of wumpas in the level, and some gems you get by only dying a certain amount of times, I may revisit some of these levels later. The latter two levels I had a few issues here and there (I haven't played Crash Bandicoot in some time so I'm a little rusty), but I will revisit these later to show for the gem in question. (This was particularly an issue during the middle of the third level, and also the puzzle with the 9 platforms, and the last boxes during the chase).

Providing level runs are mostly clean, I may show most or all of the level in full, as as I mentioned before getting a certain percentage of wumpas will grant you a gem.

Anyway, hope you guys like the video, feel free to like, comment and subscribe! I will be posting more as I continue to get more gems and progress through the game.

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