Crypt Stalker Gameplay

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Whip your way through nostalgia fuelled kinky demon slaying. From hidden desert temples to floating ruins, this will take you back to the golden days of gaming, where there was only 4 buttons on a controller and VHS ruled the world.

Crypt Stalker is full of those nail biting, heart pounding, stress inducing gaming moments when no one knew what an analogue stick was and you couldn't recover health by hiding behind a wall. (Instead it was done by eating chicken found in a brick wall!) If you wish to relive those golden moments in video gaming then this game might be for you. Time travel might not currently exist but this game will hopefully bring you back in time to where somehow birds do massive damage.

Your task is to fight through nine action packed stages, filled to the brim with demons that you'll need to slay with your trusty cyber whip, (or blast them with your side arm, your choice.) However it doesn't stop there, within these worlds there lies dangers that you'll need to navigate past, from raising hot magma to walls crushing down on you. And after you've managed to survive to the very end, defeat the evil demon overlord, you'll have to do it all again but in glorious monochromatic handheld mode. (This mode contains four all new levels to really test your skills)

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