Dark Code VS Code Black | Reaction Testing

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Chad McLean, Storm's Technical Director, tests the all-new Dark Code against the original Code Black:

“ReX on the Dark Code performs exactly how you would expect when combining R2S and NeX. More midlane, better able to handle heavier oils, and no shortage of zip on the backend. The Code Black is noticeably cleaner with a quicker transition on both of the patterns tested. R2S maintains the quickest response time to friction of all Storm covers. On these patterns, my feet were 4-5 boards deeper with the Dark Code with my speed consistent. The Dark Code blended the over/under better than the Code Black especially when the Code Black seemed to not pick up the midlane when I needed it to on the longer pattern. Higher ball speeds can benefit from the Dark Code thanks to its slightly more aggressive shell.”

Find out more about the Dark Code here:
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