[dot.win] BRAND NEW RUST SCRIPT BEST OF 2021 | showcase & montage.

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pc specs:
geforce rtx 2070 super
24GB 3200mhz
intel core i9 9700k

rust script feature list
-fully undetected since release.
-multiple positive reviews.
-custom color of menu.
-c++ based.
-overlayed imgui menu.
-support every gun/attachment.
-custom keybinds (all gun/attachment)
-movement exaggeration.
-support cruch/moving/stand.
-savable configurations.
-mini overlay.
-auto FOV detect.
-auto sensitivty detect.
-fast codelock.
-custom X percentage control.
-custom Y percentage control.
-0%-100% custom control amount.

this rust script can be used with any mouse and any configuration in rust.

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