Fallen Kingdom Minecraft Server w/ CaptainSparklez - Ep. 40

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Welcome to Fallen Kingdom, a multiplayer Minecraft server featuring Tower Defense style PvP based off of CaptainSparklez' Fallen Kingdom universe.

JOIN US - - Java + and use code X33N at checkout if you get anything from the shop!

Special thanks to MCProHosting for helping sponsor the series. Use code X33N when reserving a server and you can save 25% on your first month.

STREAMED LIVE - - Did you know I'm much more of a streamer than a YouTuber? I stream full-time with additional Minecraft as well as many other games and events! I would love to have you come by.
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Music provided by Ninety9Lives
Outro Song: Dohi - Distrion & Cediv
X33N Channel Edit: vsbmeza3 -
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