GOOGLE HASH CODE 2021 | Everything You Need to Know | AIR 20 Share their Journey

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Here's everything you need to know about Google Hash Code 2021. In this video, the team that got AIR 20 in hash code 2020 share their journey and tips and tricks that helped them achieve it. They talked about the benefit of participating in google hash code, types of questions asked in the rounds, how to form a good team, and more!

Here are the timestamps:
1:48 - Journey to AIR 20 in Google Hash Code 2020
2:59 - Types of Questions asked in the rounds in google hash code
7:27 - Why working in a team in compulsory?
9:30 - How many rounds are there in google hash code?
10:25 - Eligibility criteria
13:24 - tips for getting better at competitive coding?
14:15 - What are the benefits of participating in it?

Google Hash Code Website:

Checkout videos by Errichto on Google Hash Code: +hash+code

You can solve last year problems here:

You can connect with Shubhanshu here:

And with Aryant here:

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GOOGLE HASH CODE 2021 | Everything You Need to Know | AIR 20 Share their Journey
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