How to Host and Install Any PHP Script Online | Premium url shortener installation From CodeCanyon

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If you are a PHP Developer, or anyone who bought a PHP Script and wants to host and install this PHP script (web application) Online, Then You are in the right place. Hosting Recommendation:
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How To Buy Domain From GoDaddy

In this tutorial, I will show you a step by step guide on how to Install any PHP Script Online in 10 minutes and I will pass by the main concepts like:

Creating hosting services
Creating a database & user
Uploading File to the Server using WinSCP
Installing PHP Modules
Managing MySQL Databases
Mapping our Domain Name

I will Host an Example Script called "Premium URL Shortener" which requires some PHP modules, and Database.

So it will be a good example to use in order to understand almost all the concepts that may face you while hosting and installing a PHP Application.

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