Minecraft: Java Shaders on Android - Dynamic Shadows • Reflective Water • POM & PBR [PojavLauncher]

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Title: Minecraft: Java Shaders on Android - Dynamic Shadows • Reflective Water • POM & PBR • Motion Blur [PojavLauncher]

► Hello there! Everyone is quite familiar with minecraft shaders. Although, dynamic shadows in mcpe shaders aren't really possible and you can't get java shaders for mcpe. And that's why today, I showcased PojavLauncher, for the 3rd time which let's you play Minecraft Java Edition on Android/iOS and using it's new renderer Zink (Vulkan) you can now run minecraft java shaders on Android. These PojavLauncher shaders have reflective water, dynamic shadows, player shadow, POM & PBR and so much more. You can even run SEUS PTGI to get ray tracing shaders on PojavLauncher. This is the future of minecraft shaders for android because now we can actually achieve everything that has been possible on Minecraft Java For Years!

• I also made a tutorial on how to install real java shaders on Android in PojavLauncher later on the video. Currently the best PojavLauncher shader that supports almost all gpus is Nostalgia Shader

0:00 Cinematic Showcase
3:01 Shader Features
4:11 Installation Tutorial
9:13 Pojav Shaders With No Lag

• Please follow the tutorial carefully and make sure the jvm arguments are exactly the same as the video. Or else it wont work.


• PojavLauncher - Zink Build -

JVM Launch Argument:
-Xms512m -Xmx800m

Copy it from here:

• Optifine -

• Nostalgia Shader [Works on all GPU's] -

• AVPBR Texture Pack [For Reflective Blocks] -

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✓No Lag Java Shader For Android:

✓Java Shader on Android Without Optifine!

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• Calling Out - AERØHEAD

• Sappheiros - Vibrant

• Dead Voxel Remix:

• Moog City Minecraft Synth Cover:

Thank you so much for watching. This video took me a while to make because I am not quite familiar with Java shaders and decided to take some more time and mess around with it so I can make the perfect video. I'll be posting bedrock content every single week. Join the channel if you'd like to see my future work!
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