???????? Mrunal's Daily Current Affairs: UPSC-Jan-03-2021(IE)- USA's NDAA Act, Iran, Haram Vaccine,

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**⏩ Polity⚖️**
→ #OrangeTheWorld UN's campaign to raise awareness on gender-based violence.
**⏩ Economy????**
→ ⚾️????⚾️????✋Insurance ombudsman order on Bajaj Allianz to pay Covid Hospitalization bill, Trade deficit increasing
→ ⚾️????⚾️????✋Labour Ministry has issued draft model standing order for the services sector. Wait till it is finalized.
**⏩ Science????**
→ Corona: Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca have clarified that pork products are not part of their Covid-19 vaccines. But pork-derived gelatin has been widely used as a stabilizer to ensure vaccines remain safe and effective during storage and transport. Islamic / Muslim Scholars differ on whether it's 'Haram Vaccine' or not?
**⏩ IR/Defense????**
→ USA's National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA) 2021- includes a resolution urging → the Chinese government to end its military aggression towards India along the LAC.
→ 2015: Iran Nuclear deal prohibits Iran from uranium enrichment above 4%. Making a nuclear bomb requires 90% pure Uranium. Iran plans to enrich the uranium to 20%, amidst assassination of its nuclear scientist allegedly by Israel.
**⏩ Geo????**
→ Sambalpur : Odisha- new IIM being opened here.
→ Aurangabad: MNC wants renamed to Sambhajinagar, Congress opposed.
**⏩ PIN-GK????️**
→ Death: Buta Singh: Home minister in in Rajiv Gandhi govt, 8 time MP
→ UK Business Minister Alok Sharma resigned from minster post to focus on event management / chairmanship of UK's United Nations COP26 climate change summit.
→ Book: I Am No Messiah by Sonu Sood & Meena K Iyer
→ Book: Vajpayee: The Years That Changed India By Shakti Sinha
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