One minute of calm - A stream running through an Arctic winter landscape in Northern Norway

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One minute of calm - The sight and sounds of a stream running through an Arctic winter landscape in the mountains in Northern Norway. This is the first day of snow and the stream has not frozen yet, so water is running over the stones making that special sound. A minute that will relax and amaze your mind!

It's a magical world - Let's go Exploring!
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According to researchers from Trinity College Dublin and the University of California, San Francisco, a short “awe” walk, where you make a conscious effort to look for things to be amazed by, taken once a week can combat negative emotions and help to maintain a healthy mind! So open your eyes and look for something that amaze you!

"Forest bathing" (Shinrin-yoku in Japanese) / Nature Therapy is all about taking a time out, slowing down and connecting with the joy of being outdoors. Exposure to trees, the sky and natural sounds has a calming effect and is beneficial for mental well-being. In an ideal world you would go for a walk in a forest or sit on a bench in a park and enjoy the view, but it is not always possible to do it. So I hope that my video will be a substitute, but also an inspiration to do forest bathing in real life.

Recorded just outside Tromsø city in Northern Norway on the first day in October 2020 with snow covering the entire landscape.

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