[Re-upload] Images Having a Flamewar: Rebirth EP:7, "The Choices They Must All Take - PART 2"

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a slightly re-edited version of ep 7 because the original was taken down

Sky has returned back to his original universe with the help of the alternate dimension dweller. At Rice Farmer's Dojo, he meets Kranus, the Archer of Hell again. Meanwhile, during the ensuing war on City Realm, Arkeus aids King Minecraft's army against the Mortals and their improved weapons and gear.

The two God Otters, Tsunami and Ian the Master God Otter struggle to keep up with fighting Chaos God General Sakura Goddess III and Reaper Capybara. Emo Noob, Blitz, a Anti-God Mech, and Lord Capy resurface from the base to help fight the Chaos Generals. Eventually, Sky is able to find his way towards the fight and has his Epic Katana returned to him. Will the Mortals and God Otters be victorious against the two most elite of Bob's generals? Much is at stake for both sides.
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