SHOTS FIRED at George Floyd Square During Defund Police Report

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Will and Amala talk about shots being fired at George Floyd Square DURING a report on police reform, debunk the left's "racist America" narrative, and John Cena bows down to China,. PLUS influencer Amanda Ensing shares her story of being canceled by Sephora in PragerU's latest Stories of Us episode.

1:18 - Shots Fired at George Floyd Square While Reporter Talks about During Police Reform
5:04 - Irresponsible Leftist Journalists Spread Fake Outrage AGAIN
13:01 - The Antifa Soldiers of Portland
15:40 - Is the Left's Utopia like Mordor?
20:24 - John Cena Grovels for China
28:03 - Sephora Cancels Conservative Influencer
37:05 - Will Annihilates a Commenter on Crony Capitalism

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