Sky City V.1. - San Andreas Multi-Player [SAMP: Map Construction]

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This is a showcase of one of my latest projects I've been working on before the San Andreas Multi-Player (Not MTA) DEVELOPER Community died. If you want the link to the map construction download the link will be featured below.

Download Link For the Editor:

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Sky City :
- Concept completely redesigned from previous version for better draw distance improvement and better organized space. Renamed map from Liberty City to Sky City.

- Sky City is a city in the sky where no planes and helicopters can fly unless they are 'RC Vehicles' as it is located far high up in the sky.

- The Project aims to to preserve most original objects of Liberty City and build over them or add textures to them for private servers without causing a crash.

- Saint Mark's Bistro Interior has been updated slightly.

0:00 - Introduction.
0:23 - Explanation.
2:00 - Saint Mark's Bistro?
2:52 - Liberty City.
3:20 - New Sector.
4:57 - Further Explanation.
9:40 - Draw Distance Info.
12:10 - Questions, Maybe?
14:58 - Crash and Credits.

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