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: Call of Pripyat is a first-person shooter survival horror video game developed by Ukrainian video game developer GSC Game World for Microsoft Windows.
The game takes place soon after the events of : Shadow of Chernobyl. After Strelok disables the Brain Scorcher, multitudes of stalkers rush to the centre of the Zone, hoping to find rare artifacts and other rumoured treasures. The government of Ukraine takes advantage of this gold-rush and launches "Operation Fairway," a large scale helicopter special recon mission intended to scout the area by air in preparation for a full-scale military assault on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Despite thorough preparations, the mission goes horribly wrong, and all five STINGRAY helicopters crash. The player, Major Alexander Degtyarev, an experienced stalker and SBU agent, is sent into the Zone to investigate the crash sites on behalf of the Army.
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Wednesday-8PM Castle Nathria-Twitch
Friday-8PM Stalker Call of Pripyat-You Tube
Saturday-8:PM WoW Classic PvP-You Tube
Sunday-8PM WoW Classic Gold Farming-Twitch or Trovo
Paris time zone.
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Rock Universe
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I am playing WoW Shadowlands on Stormrage EU. I have 4 characters on level 60. and 11 more on level 50.
My main character is Unholy Death Knight since WotLK. My goal is to get ahead of the curve achiev and I am in guild called Cursed Crusade.
My first alt is Orc Destro Warlock and I will be leveling more alts in the future.
I am playing WoW Classic on Mirage Raceway EU PvE.
My characters so far: Orc Warlock 60. Orc Warrior 60. Tauren Druid Mage 60. Orc Hunter. Orc Rogue. 60.
Still leveling my Tauren Shaman.
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My PC configuration:
Mother board:MSI H110M PRO-D
Graphic card:XFX Radeon 590 8GB
Ram memory:Kingston Fury
Main monitor: Asus VG248QZ
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