The Boys 2x08 Preview Promo & Synopsis | Maeve V Stormfront The Boys Season 2 Episode 8

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The Boys Season2 Finale,
The Boys 2x08 Season 2 Finale Preview Promo Synopsis | Maeve Vs Stormfront! |

the boys episode 8 recap

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What is up youtube and welcome to this The Boys Season 2 finale video! So we are here at the finale and I am sad! This season has been sutnning and the weekely release schedule allowed us to enjoy the weekly episodes like a fine wine,
and not bing ethe entire bottle in a beer bong like a british uni student. We will be previewing the finale and making a few predictions for what we expect to happen in the finale. So if you njoy the video please do consider subscribing
with notifications on if you want more videos from us and drop a like down below if you njoyed the video.

Let's start off with looking at the synopsis for this episode which reads: Becca shows up on Butcher's doorstep and begs for his help. The Boys agree to back Butcher, and together with Starlight, they finally face off against Homelander
and Stormfront. But things go very bad, very fast.

This matches up to the trailer which we will breakdown now. Becca has returned to billy after refusing to leave him and subsequently leave ryan without a mother which he needs or he iwll turn into the psychomath homelander which is of
course his father. Ryan has now been taken by Homelander and Stormfront and I think his bloody will be immensly important to Stormfront as not only has she got a back up incase homelander has second thoughts of going full well you know
and ryan is a natural born supe who will help stabilise the compund v. Billy will now have to wrestle with his emotions as I don't think he is too keen about saving a super kid the result of an assault on the love his life.

However this is his chance to get Becca back but ryan 1 has powers and 2 will be introdrinated to hate the boys and anyone who stands agains his step mum. We also have in the synsopsis that starlight is now officialy with the boys which
is becuase last episode she was publically outed as being the mole within the seven which puts her in mortal danger however queen maeve helped her by almost making black noir go into anaphalactic shock. So starlight now has to stand
against really just homelander and stormfront, I say that like it's nothing, they're the two most powerful supes out the right now. I do wonder if the deep and a-train will actually get to re-join in this episode coming up.

However billy want sto go and take on homewlander and stormfront. They've been relatively calm this season about going up against supers directly with them only accidentally coming up against the seven in the first few episodes and we
hopefully see some badass direct action from billy like when he took out translucent last season. We love to see it. This has really been the end game of the shows adaptation of billy the butcher and we will finally get to see it.

In the comics the boys went up against stormfront too but this is mainly becuase stormfront tried to take them out with the team pyaback which is pretty interesting here as in my last video i precticted that either stormfront or stan edgar
will try to replace the seven with the payback team however I read an interesting theory that this had already happened when homelander mentioned he built the seven from nothing, I do actually like that idea.

I think that we will see more heads exploding and I'll make a bold prediction that a team of the boys will get popped just becuase it owuld make an exciting end to the season but regarding the heads exploding. I think that someone else
that we don't think is behind it. We have the shot of homelander covered in a blood and another image of a head popped in his cabin so I full expect he will kill someone in the cabin finding out that ryan has been taken leading to the
showdown of maeve and the boys vs stormfront and I wonder if her face will get messed up like her comic book coutnerpart. Losing ryan will lead to homelander becoming even more deranged and allowing vought to crack down on the country.

Now who is behind the head popping? Well Vic neuman in the comics was working for vought as vic the veep so all this fight with the boys may allow them to use even more compound v and this is all a false flag to set up hating on compound v
only for it to be used by PR spin to convince the public its the only thing tthey can do is create more supoes. I went tinto that in more depth in my previous video.
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