The Haunting History Of The Tower Of London

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This video details some of the more dark and morbid details of the history of the Tower of London, including the murders and executions that took place there.


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Old engraved illustration of the first chapter of the order of Le Saint Esprit held by Henry IV in the Church of the Augustins by Jean François de Troy
mikroman6/Getty Images
Antique illustration - painting - A View of Dort - by Albert Cuyp
Campwillowlake/Getty Images
Portrait of Henry VII, King of England and Lord of Ireland
mikroman6/Getty Images
Richard III King of England as knight 1863
Grafissimo/Getty Images
Old engraved illustration of Charles I Receiving Benediction Before Execution
Lady Jane Grey and Roger Ascham (Engraved illustration)
retroimages/Getty Images
Queen Mary I
pictore/Getty Images
Henry IV (XXXL)
pictore/Getty Images
Engraving medieval execution with sword
Grafissimo/Getty Images
The Tower of London
duncan1890/Getty Images
Sir Thomas More
duncan1890/Getty Images
Murder of the Princes
duncan1890/Getty Images
Thomas Seymour Baron of Sudeley
duncan1890/Getty Images
Sons of Edward IV of England, lithograph, puplished in 1868
ZU_09/Getty Images
Queen Catherine Parr
duncan1890/Getty Images
King Edward the Sixth
duncan1890/Getty Images
The Trial of Catherine
Culture Club/Getty Images
King William I

Floating Ghost Evil Spirit in a Derelict Asylum Hospital
Paul Campbell/Getty Images
Colourful Ink Underwater
tolgart/Getty Images
Strange silhouettes of little girls looking through curtains, mysterious house
Synthetic-Exposition/Getty Images
Birds flying over a heavenly blue sky
Vadym Terelyuk/Getty Images
Extreme closeup on blue human eye
peefay/Getty Images
MRI knee or Magnetic resonance imaging comparison T2w axial and coronal view.
praserdumrongchai/Getty Images
Abstract and spooky defocused hand
peefay/Getty Images
The British flag waving near the Big Ben Clock Tower
ATW Media/Getty Images
Medieval warriors fighting at sunset
ATW Media/Getty Images
Flying Dust Particles Infinite Loop
CreativeSource/Getty Images
Line of oak barrel in a cellar for a wine perfect fermentation, Bordeaux Vineyard, France
SpiritProd33/Getty Images
Swirling atmospheric environment smoke
barnburna/Getty Images
Slow motion ink flow in water.
Treedeo/Getty Images
SLO MO Stones falling on a pile in sunshine
simonkr/Getty Images
Scary witch in white
South_agency/Getty Images
dried flower burns on a black background
Иван Карасев/Getty Images
Burning rose
superoke/Getty Images
a dirty drop of water with a rod-shaped bacterium and spirochaete under a microscope
Ramil Shakirov/Getty Images
close up of the historic tower of london
crbellette/Getty Images
smoke coming
goodgold99/Getty Images
woman hand behind the matte glass
xijian/Getty Images
Red Paint Colors in Water Creating Liquid Art Shapes
dualstock/Getty Images
Knight's armour and weapons
Aleksandr Kovalev/Getty Images
Outside the Tower of London taken at night
NordicMoonlight/Getty Images
jail cell shadows animate view
allanswart/Getty Images
jail cell shadows animate view
allanswart/Getty Images
Ghost Story find a way home as adventure spirit concept.
JadeThaiCatwalk/Getty Images
As the sun sets and evening arrives shadows travel up the facade of the Great West door and tower of Westminster Abbey
C R Laing/Getty Images
Westminster Abbey, London, western facade.
peterhowell/Getty Images
Dark rose with black ink spilling on it. Beautiful unique shot with relationship concept
Spencer_Whalen/Getty Images
Slow motion of migrating flock of Crane Birds and small Birds
Schroptschop/Getty Images
"Rose wilting, timelapse"
Science Photo Library/Getty Images
Bird flying with blue sky
Touchmedias/Getty Images
Swirly flower wilts
NickGraalman/Getty Images
Silhouette of maniac's victim dying from strangling, terrible nightmare
Motortion/Getty Images
Blood flows on a rough background
creatmosfairy/Getty Images
The chapel inside the Tower of London
NordicMoonlight/Getty Images

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