The Last RS Level One Year Later

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Monster City, the main level #53 and the #95 overall, is (at least until now) the last level Rolling Sky has officially released, published on July 1st, 2020; with a difference of one year until now, it's about to re-play this awesome level again and see how it goes, right?

Personally, this soon became one of my favorite levels; even since the trailer i loved the music a lot, and for this being "the last RS level", it's just amazing; re-playing this just reminded me of the music, the obstacles, the remixes, the fan-arts, the horoscope, the Those monsters are really lovable for some reason, though i don't know how this got into a level that is a clever mix-up of Monster Chorus and Level 6 City (this is a joke lol, juts notice how this level is named "Monster City" which uses two words used on past levels)

Some special mentions i have to do:
- Level's trailer:
- Unique Ways (DeclanHugo):
- The Ultimate Mashup:
- The Ultimate Montage:
- i dont have the link to Memes Sausage TV's video and my device is lagged now so uhh
- Tuan Nguyen's Last Video:
- SHAvibe's Monster City video:
- Also Dash Dash and Justin0531 (both from Rolling Lounge on the art channel) for the drawings on the miniature of this video

Remember this video starts like a "Practice Mode" as i didn't play the level in some time, but also i do the 'Easy Way' and 'Perfect Way' runs near the end of the video: the rest is purely me failing mainly due to lag and that stuff lol

There it Thank you all for the Rolling! This game's legacy will stand on, even if there's years without getting a new We have to be honest and say Rolling Sky released quite a lot of levels though, 95 levels? Each one has its music, graphics, styles, and stuff (except bonuses, which is why they are named "bonus levels"), so we have to be honest and say there was a lot of effort from the developers put there, and i loved how it resulted in levels like this one which truly represents me as a Cancer's Zodiac Sign in the horoscope oh

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this is technically "Monstrocity"
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