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You can check it by yourself. Actually, you may fall asleep before reaching the 20 minutes mark so for you this ASMR video might end way earlier. At any rates, I've tried to create a relaxing atmosphere using whispering and alternating with inaudible whispering and used different tools on the microphone. It's a kind of mix between mic scratching and brushing with some random tapping in-between. Near the end, or rather after the video ends, inaudible whispers intensify in order to bring those tingles to your already numb brain. Oh, I was almost forgetting: the beard. Beard on mic can also be heard after the video ends. Is it paradoxal? Not really.

About the title of this video: after naming the previous video "You'll fall asleep instantly at 15:37 (ASMR)" based on anoasmr video title, I suddenly remembered a few times when I first made ASMR videos where my camera would shut down without I noticed about it. So, I would continue on taking the video to only notice at the end that the camera had stopped. I uploaded one video like this with only two thirds of the video and the end being only audio. So, this title came to my mind for today's video: "This video ends at 20:00 (ASMR)". It's a kind of reference to the beginner in ASMR videos making who forgets that asmr videos are long and doesn't check his battery level. It only happens once or twice though.

Anyway, I wish you a good night, lots of tingles and a lot of sleep!

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Thank you always!

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