This is how a real life scammer will cheat you for Money ???????????? Do not fall in such traps!

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Hi fam,

I received a message on Facebook from a stranger on how to make money without any investment.

I tried to check the genuineness of the guy and shared my WhatsApp number.

I received a message from a lady claiming that they normally import a certain kind of oil from China at $4000 USD.

After Covid their company decided not to buy goods from China and looking for a supplier from India.

They shared a contact of a vendor from India and asked me to contact them.

As their buying price is 4000USD they want me to purchase it from the local vendor at 1700USD.

The balance amount would be shared between both of us - This is how the lady started the conversation. I told the lady there would be no investment from my end and she or her company will have to pay the amount to the vendor.

I was aware of such false claims so I lied to the lady saying that I had called the vendor and the vendor wanted me to pay 1700USD.

She wasn't expecting this sort of an answer and she stopped texting me.

But if it was the other way round, the lady will ask me to release the funds to the vendor, post which will be blocked and there'll be no point of contact. The vendor numbers which are already shared are all fake contacts created by the lady herself.

They're a group of active criminals who use real time company names to do such malpractice.

Have you ever received a message saying that "You number is selected for a lottery worth 5million USD"?

These are real time scammers who want cheat us and steal our hard earned money.

Please be careful with such cruel minded people.

If someone is offering you a job without any expectation, do not forget to check the genuineness of the company from where you'll get paid later.

I'm sharing this message so that you can be beware of such fraudulent activities.

Do not fall in such traps.

You'll lose money easily.

With Love,
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