VIRAL VIDEO | सुसाइड के पहले Ayesha ने बनाया वीडियो, फिर नदी में कूदकर दे दी जान

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In a tragic incident, a 23-year-old woman killed herself by jumping into the Sabarmati river from the riverfront walkway in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad on Thursday morning. Before taking the extreme step, the now-deceased woman, identified as Aisha Arif Khan, recorded a heartrending video clip on her mobile phone, with a smile on her starts the video by introducing herself with a big smile on her face, but the pain of betrayal is clearly visible in her eyes. She, initially, says that nobody should be held responsible for her extreme step. But as the video advances, her voice turns nervous and the reason for the emotional turmoil within her becomes clear.'Meri taqdeer me kami reh gayi'“Hello Assalamo Alayekkum, my name is Aisha (a brief pause) Arif Khan. Whatever I am going to do is my decision and nobody has pressured me for this. I have nothing to say now. Understand that the almighty gave me a short life,” she says in her final further states: “Arif (her husband) wants freedom. I will give him freedom. I am happy that I am going to meet Allah. I’ll ask him what was my mistake.”She adds, “Ek cheez jarur sikh gayi hoon; mohabbat karni hai to do tarfa karo, ek tarfe se kuch haasil nahi hota (I have learnt one thing; if you want to love, let it be two-sided. Nothing can be gained from one-sided love).“Main hawaaon ki tarah hoon; main behna chaahti hoon… Main khush hoon aaj… Mujhe duaon me yaad karna, kya pata jannat mile na mile (I am like the winds; I want to flow… I am happy today… Remember me in your prayers. Don’t know if I will go to heaven or not)”: these were her last was harassed by husband
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