Warpath 2v: Server 2 God Of War TreeGod vs WP-DasBjos

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I'm HunterBBQ and I help to manage our alliance [XYT]Higher in Warpath game in server 2.
We're top 1 alliance in the whole server 2 and it's not an easy path and not easy task to be top1 in the whole server.
However, we will be keep up our alliance to be top 1 alliance all the time.

I would like to share many advance tips & trick to everyone and also how to improve your gameplay from time to time.

Milestones Goal Levels:-
1st milestone: 3,000 subscribers will do voice over the live stream
2nd milestone: 10,000 subscribers will create guide for Warpath (YouTube, Discord, Reddit, Docs)
3rd milestone: 30,000 subscribers create 5 guide/tutorial for warpath of your choice.
4th milestone: 50,000 subscribers create guide: how to be top1 alliance from the beginning of the game
5th milestone: 100,000 subscribers (pending)

Warpath game
ID:1149491 and XYT-HunterBBQ (Add friend using ID: 1149491 and you can chat with me in other server with your main account)
Warpath Server-2 Alliance: [XYT]Higher (We are the top 1 alliance in server2)

Support the BBQ Channel:

Our Discord group is opened for public and there is many Tips & Trick information, city Level1, level2 & level3 information and you can ask question in our discord group.
Official Discord :

iOS Download Link:
Playstore Download Link:
Pc Emulator (LDplayer):
Background Music(Free Copyrights):

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