Weta cave retail shop, Weta Workshop Unleashed, Auckland skycity

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Weta cave retail shop, Weta Workshop Unleashed,
Auckland skycity

Explore a fantastical film effects facility inspired by Wellington’s Academy Award-winning Weta Workshop. Weta Workshop Unleashed opend at SkyCity Auckland on December 15. It is open daily from 10am to

The info below is from the website

"Step into a fantastical film effects workshop and explore the worlds of horror, sci-fi and fantasy in-the-making. It’s a journey through Weta Workshop’s creative process that needs to be seen to be believed.

The 90-minute guided experience includes:

Monsters, giants & robots
Interactive gizmos
Discombobulating displays
Fantastical set-pieces from the worlds of horror, fantasy & sci-fi
Eye-popping practical effects: discover how the crew design, build and bring them to life
Return to reality, if you must, brimming with creative inspiration. Collectables, keepsakes and tools for your own craft can be picked up in the Weta Cave retail store."

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